Professional tooth whitening can be significantly more effective than over-the-counter home methods. The dentist polishes away superficial stains, applies a whitening gel, then uses a special lamp to optimise results. You may also be sent home with a gel to use every day for up to several weeks. The whitening usually gives great results but remember it can’t whiten existing crowns or fillings so these may have to be replaced to match after the procedure. your dentist will explain this to you.


The procedure takes 45 minutes to one hour at the surgery and is a very simple procedure. Before and after pictures are taken as reference to show you the results.

If you use the home whitening system alone or after the in surgery session you will be give a kit to suit you along with instructions. You will then use the kit for one to three hours a day for two to three weeks.


Usually one, but stubborn staining may require additional in-office treatments or longer at-home treatment

Above is a picture of the in surgery system.

You may feel a little sensitivity afterwards but this is completely normal and will be explained by your dentist.

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