The cost of dental treatment can often be a worry to many patients. Our Isle of Man Dentists and dental team will discuss your treatment with you and give you a breakdown of dental treatment costs during your initial check-up so you are aware of the total cost of your dental care before it commences. We have prices choices and options for everyone at Isle of Man Dentist.

Prices can be suited to your budget and we are here to help you. This way you can arrange your finances or appointments to suit you.   Dr James Garritt and his team offer a full range of dental treatments to work with your requirements. At our Isle of Man Dental practice we offer a number of finance options to help spread the cost of your treatment.

Prices you can afford

At Isle of man dentist , we are always trying to keep our dental treatment charges reasonable, so that you get the best dental treatment at a price you can afford.

Isle of man dentist can help with the cost of dental treatment by offering Interest Free Credit on a range of treatments; your dentist will give you more details should you wish to take out this dental credit facility

Your Dentist will go through your dental treatment step by step and explain any dental terminology or procedures you don’t understand. Your dentist will provide you with a detailed estimate of treatment costs and will inform you of any changes during your course of dental treatment.

Guide to fees

Below is a guide to fees you will be charged, treatments are very varied and will only become clear after your dentist has agreed a treatment plan with you. Our team of Isle of Man Dental hygienists will also be able to give you advise on gum disease, prevention and for both you and your family with a full and clear pricing structure.

Please do not be afraid to ask about the cost of your treatment as we need you to be comfortable with your chosen treatment and the cost.  Types of crowns, veneers, dentures and even the materials used can be varied.  The options available will aways be discussed with you.

Initial Consultation   £85.00
Routine Dental Exam   £45.00
Emergency Appointment from £95.00
Emergency Appointment for Registered Patients from £45.00
Implant Consultation   £50.00
Study Models from £150.00
Porcelain Bonded Crown from £595.00
Gold Crown (including cost of gold) from £600.00
Non Precious Metal Crown from £500.00
Zirconia Crown from £800.00
E.Max Crown from £800.00
Temporary Crown from £120.00
Crown Repair from £85.00
Re-cementing of Crown from £65.00
Cerec Crown from £800.00
Veneer per Unit from £600.00
Lumeneer per Unit from £700.00
Customized Lab Veneers from £1200.00
Porcelain Bonded Bridge per Unit from £650.00
Ceramic Zirconia Bridge per Unit from £800.00
Temporary Bridge per Unit from £60.00
E.max Ceramic Bridge per Unit from £800.00
Bridge Repair from £150.00
Bridge Ceramic Retainer from £800.00
Cerec Crown from £800.00
Initial Orthodontic Consultation   £50.00
Fixed Braces per Arch from £1650.00
Invisalign from £3000.00
Invisalign Lite from £3000.00
Invisalign Teen from £3750.00
Inman Aligner from £1650.00
Fast Braces from £1950.00
Fast Braces Ceramic Brackets Single Arch from £2950.00
Fast Braces Ceramic Brackets Both Arches from £3950.00
Fast Braces Metal Brackets Single Arch from £1800.00
Fast Braces Metal Brackets Both Arches from £2950.00
Lingual Braces Single Arch   £4500.00
Lingual Braces Both Arches   £6000.00
Removable Retainer per Arch from £100.00
Dental Implants    
Implant per Tooth from £2000.00
Additional Implants / Surgery   POA
Bone Augmentation  from £500.00
Sinus Lift  from £1250.00
Dental Surgical Procedures    
Routine Extractions from £135.00
Surgical Extractions from £200.00
Extraction of Wisdom Tooth from £250.00
Extraction of Impacted Wisdom Tooth from £250.00
Crown Lengthening Electrosurgery per Unit from £140.00
Crown Lenghtening Electrosurgery – Multiple Teeth from £400.00
Crown Lenghtening With Flap Single Unit from £290.00
Crown Lenghtening With Flap Multi Unit from £350.00
Apiceptomy from £400.00
Hygiene / Periodontal    
Hygiene Visit from £80.00
Full Periodontal Assessment from £250.00
Full Mouth Disinfection from £1000.00
Periodontal Chip Placement from £30.00
Periodontal Lasers per Tooth from £150.00
Periodontal Lasers per Arch from £1250.00
Fissure Sealant from £24.00
Bicarbonate Clean from £85.00
Childrens Dentistry    
Child Exam   £30.00
Child Fissure Sealant   £24.00
Child Filling Amalgam from £40.00
Child Filling Composite from £60.00
Child Extraction from £60.00
Child Hygiene   £54.00
X-rays Diagnostic    
Small Periapical X-Ray   £18.00
OPG (Large 3D X-Ray)   £52.00
CT Scan – Single Section   £100.00
CT Scan – per Arch   £150.00
CT Scan – Full Mouth   £250.00
Root Filling Anterior Tooth from £600.00
Root Filling Premolar from £650.00
Root Filling Molar from £750.00
Anterior Re-treatment from £700.00
Premolar Re-treatment from £750.00
Molar Re-treatment from £850.00
Fiber-Glass Post from £195.00
Broken File Removal from £250.00
Pin or Screw Retention Placement from £120.00
Amalgam Fillings    
Amalgam Fillings from £70.00
Inlay Placement from £545.00
Inlay Repair from £200.00
Inlay Re-cement from £100.00
Composite Bonding from £300.00

Isle of Man Denplan

Once you’ve had your dental treatment completed you can opt to go on our  Isle of Man DENPLAN SCHEME ,there a three levels of cover depending on which dental plan suits you. Your dentist will advise you of the best level of cover to suit your dental needs. The Ideal Dental Care Plan will include twice yearly examinations, scaling and polishing and any x-rays you may need, on top of this you will receive discount on any necessary dental treatment. The level of discount varies depending on which level of cover you opt for.

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