A dental implant, at it’s simplest, is a titanium screw that replaces the root of a lost tooth. They have been used for over 30 years now and have been proven to be a very good way of aiding us to give you a great smile as well as good function

Dental implants on the Isle of Man may be utilized to replace single or multiple teeth. Implants may be restored either as single crown or multiple crowns and can be used to help to hold in and stabilize dentures.

There are different types and manufacturers of dental implants  but on the Isle of Man at Isle of Man dentist we only use the best and years of being at the forefront of dental implantology stand us in great stead to deliver a perfect result for you. Our dental team consists of dedicated dental professionals that have an ongoing training and education in dental implants.


£1500 – £4500 per implant. Costing is dependent on the number of implants placed and the way in which the teeth are replaced. i.e. Crowns, Dentures or Bridges.


From one to several hours


Following the procedure you may experience a little swelling or bruising or nothing at all – it is dependent on the procedure and number of implants placed.

Technology and techniques mean implants are much more sophisticated with less problems and less surgery time involved.


Dental implants need to osseointegrate or stick to the bone. This process can take on average between 6 – 12 weeks dependent on the implant used and individual.

Once osseointegration has taken place, the dental implant can be restored and you have the smile and function that you wanted.

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