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We are here to help, listen and provide you with reliable, long lasting Dental solutions on the Isle of Man for all your dental needs.

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About Isle of Man Dentist

Dentistry is an art. - You need to have the ability to fix things, have diversity, out of the box thinking and compassion. With 25+ years of experience I believe that being a Dentist is a great career. You see results, change peoples' lives and most of all..... create smiles.

The Isle of Man Dentist is owned by Dr James Garritt BDS. James offers 25+ years experience in Dental Practice, offering a full range of traditional & modern Dental techniques. From general Dentistry, orthodontics, digital dentistry snd root fillings, James is known for his Dental experience, straight talking & his great feedback received from patients of all ages.

James always provides fantastic, reliable dental treatments. Look at his facebook page and instagram feed for examples of his work.

Price Guidance.

New Patient Consultation                                             £95.00
Dental Examination                                                           £55.00
Fillings                                                                            from £98.00
Teeth Extraction                                                                £145.00
Dentures                                                                    from £500.00
Crowns                                                                        from £600.00
Veneers                                                                       from £700.00
Emergency Appointment                                                £95.00
Composite Bonding                                             from £200.00
Teeth Whitening                                                                £345.00
Braces - Single Arch                                          from £1500.00
Braces - Both Arches                                        from £3000.00
Invisalign Braces                                                 from £3000.00
Root Fillings                                                              from £500.00

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If you have any queries or you wish to book in at our Douglas Clinic, please contact us.

Isle of Man Dentist
Kensington Road, Douglas, Isle Of Man
IM1 3PE 

01624 6133223


At IOM Dentist we aim to always please and provide you with the highest ethical standards of dental care.

If you are unhappy with any of our services, could you please put your concerns in writing addressed to IOM Dentist, Kensington Road, Douglas, IOM, IM1 3PE. or

A copy of the complaints procedure can be obtained from the above address. Advice on private complaints can be found at